One district, countless experiences – 16 cultural destinations in the heart of Copenhagen.

In the Copenhagen Cultural District, visitors encounter some of the city’s oldest and most captivating cultural destinations, alongside institutions that shape Denmark’s democratic society. This district embodies the intersection of the past, present, and future of the Kingdom of Denmark and Copenhagen itself.

Copenhagen Cultural District offers both tourists and locals a distinctive opportunity to delve into Denmark’s past, present, and future within a single urban area. From historic city spaces to picturesque squares and stunning architecture, this area offers tales of power, art, culture, and democracy. With a diverse selection of cultural institutions, visitors can authentically navigate centuries of Danish history—all within a 10-minute walk radius.

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Copenhagen Cultural District consists of 16 cultural institutions in the center of Copenhagen:

Christiansborg Castle
Danish Architecture Center
The Danish Jewish Museum
The Black Diamond – The Royal Library
The Danish Parliament
Kongernes Lapidarium
Danish War Museum
Gammel Strand
Museum of Copenhagen
Copenhagen City Archives
National Museum of Denmark
Nikolaj Kunsthal
The Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre
Thorvaldsen’s Museum