Located on the harbour front, BLOX is Copenhagen’s most recent cultural destination and a high-profile addition to the Copenhagen Cultural District. The building itself is designed by OMA, one of the leading architectural design offices of the world, and constitutes their first project in Denmark. It was funded and built by the philanthropic society Realdania.

BLOX was envisioned as a city within the city: here you will find culture, food, leisure activities and so on. Reflecting this philosophy, the building contains workplaces and homes alike.

BLOX is home to DAC – Danish Architecture Centre – which presents Danish and international architecture in a succession of exhibitions aimed at everyone with an interest in the many facets of architecture. You will also find BLOX Eats – a unique eatery concept where the cuisine and the space will be different every time you visit. Danish fitness chain operates a gym in BLOX, offering you the finest views in town and world-class equipment. Finally, BLOX Parking will take your car safely underground in Copenhagen’s most modern fully automated parking facilities – right by Christians Brygge.

The outdoor areas around BLOX are well worth a visit in themselves. Here you will find Brygshuspladsen – an ideal spot to enjoy a drink as you take in Cultural District and the history of Denmark. Children can frolic on the playground, while the new promenades take you right up to the edge of the water – you can even go for a swim in the canal by the harbour baths.

Bryghuspladsen 10
1473 København K

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