The Copenhagen City Archives collect archival materials from the City of Copenhagen, preserving them for posterity.

Here you will find forty kilometres of shelves holding archival materials as well as three terabytes of data, corresponding to yet another ten kilometres. The Archives’ comprehensive collection holds documentation on the growth and develop of Copenhagen and its inhabitants. The oldest document on record is a charter of town privileges from 1275. The most recent consists of electronic data submitted to the archives this year.

The reading room at the Copenhagen City Hall allows everyone to explore the history of the city or of their own family. Most, however, visit the Copenhagen City Archives online, where an ever-growing quantity of archival materials can be accessed in digitised form at any time. Since 2009, the Copenhagen City Archives have worked intensively with volunteer crowdsourcing work. Thousands of volunteers have been involved in typing up handwritten manuscripts in order to make them searchable to other users.

Copenhagen City Hall
Råshuspladsen 1
1599 København V

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