Gammel Strand is a locally rooted, internationally oriented art centre and cultural hub in the heart of Copenhagen. The exhibition program presents art that takes a critical and nuanced approach to the present and focuses on the big questions of the time – from the intimately personal to global dilemmas. Gammel Strand is also a platform for conversations, debates, and activities that bring people, art, and culture together in new communities.

Gammel Strand’s history began in 1825 when a group of citizens, including the art professor C.W. Eckersberg, founded Kunstforeningen (The Art Association) inspired by German precedence. The purpose was to disseminate general knowledge of art and create a link between the elitist Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and the broader public.

In 1952, Kunstforeningen moved to its current address in one of Copenhagen’s most beautiful historic buildings, designed by architect Philip de Lange in the 1750s. In 2004, GL STRAND was added to the gallery’s name, and in 2010, the art center underwent a comprehensive renovation. The A.P. Møller and Wife Chastine McKinney Møllers Foundation for General Purposes laid the foundation with a generous donation, which was also supported by Augustinus Foundation, Oticon Foundation, Knud Højgaards Foundation, and Montana. The renovation was carried out by the architects Vilhelm Lauritzen.

In 2024, Kunstforeningen GL STRAND changed its name to Gammel Strand and simultaneously introduced a new exhibition profile and several new collaborations. Drawing inspiration from the protected building’s architecture and using simple, sustainable methods, the architecture firm Archival Studies created new open spaces on the entire ground floor and a new art, magazine, and bookshop. This space will serve as the venue for book launches, performances, debates, and readings.

Gammel Strand 48
1202 København K

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