The Winter Garden, French painting, ancient Egyptian art, Greek and Roman antiquity, Danish and French sculpture and the Danish Golden Age: the Glyptotek is an oasis amidst the hectic pace of the Danish capital. Born out of the vision of its founder, brewing magnate Carl Jacobsen, of creating a house of living art for living people, the Glyptotek remains a place for many meetings: with others, with the art and cultural history of millennia, and perhaps even with yourself.

At the Glyptotek you will find an unparalleled combination of art, beautiful architectural settings and fascinating history. A steady succession of special exhibitions and events offer new perspectives on art and aesthetics, as well as on our past and present. Here you can be fascinated by Egyptian mummies, go on a journey of discovery of Greek myths or enjoy the beauty of paintings by artists such as Degas, Monet and van Gogh. Sporting a collection that spans thousands of years of world-class art and cultural history, the Glyptotek is a space of delight. If you should need a break from sculptures and paintings, you can always relax in the Winter Garden, soaking in the peaceful atmosphere over a cup of coffee or a snack from the café. And if you get taken in by the spirit of the museum, the shop offers books about the brewer, Carl Jacobsen, who not only had museum built, but also purchased much of the collection of antiquities on show today.

Dantes Plads 7
1556 København V

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