The Black Diamond is a striking modern addition to the Royal Danish Library – and a venue for cutting-edge culture and historical insight alike. Here, visitors can enjoy a rich and varied programme of concerts, attend exciting lectures and discussions featuring internationally acclaimed writers and thinkers, or explore topical exhibitions.

The Diamond is much more than a place for students to immerse themselves in study. The library is also a unique cultural venue. Moreover, the building holds historic collections that offer insight into European cultural traditions dating all the way back to prehistoric times – for example, you can delve into Marina Abramović’s exhibition Abramović Method for Treasures, which features some of the library’s greatest treasures.

Inaugurated in 1999, the Black Diamond is a destination in itself with its 2,500m2 black granite façade, its fascinating ceiling mural by Per Kirkeby and the central atrium space flooded with daylight. And if you need a break from your explorations of contemporary architecture, the current exhibitions or the historic reading room, you can simply enjoy the view of the water over a cup of coffee in the café, enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant or visit the shop with its selection of unique goods.

Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1
1221 København K

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