A visit to the Danish Parliament lets you delve into the past and present of Danish democracy. You can spend a quiet moment in the Library Garden, see Copenhagen from the highest tower in the city, learn about the development of Danish democracy on one of the guided tours and listen to political debates from the Chamber’s public gallery.

The Danish Parliament is where politicians introduce and adopt legislation. It has been the seat of Danish democracy since the first Constitutional Act was adopted in 1849. You can take a guided tour to explore Christiansborg Palace, home of the Danish Parliament since 1918. Here you can learn about the palace and how it is interconnected with the history of Danish democracy.

Going from the Chamber of Parliament to the former Upper Chamber, Landstinget, via the 83-metre lobby, you can admire artist Rasmus Larsen’s beautiful floral frieze, extending for no less than 268 metres. Visitors taking the guided tour will hear the story of how Larsen became known as ‘the evil painter’. On the guided tour you will also see the old and new Constitutional Acts, the beautiful and highly diverse portraits of former Prime Ministers, and hear anecdotes from everyday political life in the Danish Parliament.

The Tower of the Parliament used to be a storage room where plaster models, books and sculptures collected dust. Recently completely renovated, the Tower now lets you enjoy one of the most spectacular views in all of Copenhagen. The Tower of the Danish Parliament is the highest tower in the city.

1240 København K

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