The Theatre Museum at The Court Theatre is a museum, a stage, a café and a meeting place. No less than 250 years old, the Court Theatre is the oldest theatre stage in Denmark. You may move freely throughout the entire theatre: on the oblique stage, in the balconies and in the small boxes where kings and queens, princes and princesses have sat and even till this day are seated when attending theatre or concert performances. We encourage everyone – child or adult – to get up on the stage and say something or sing a song; this is the best way to take in the very special historical atmosphere and outstanding acoustics. You may also wish to enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of coffee in our cosy, secret café overlooking the historic skyline of Copenhagen.

The Theatre Museum at The Court Theatre hosts a succession of special exhibitions as well as permanent displays that include old sound machines for you to try out, historic costumes, posters, sound recordings, film, paintings and much more from the last three centuries – ever since Ludvig Holberg established a name for himself in Danish theatre with his comedies about Jeppe on the Hill and The Political Tinker.

Christiansborg Ridebane 18
1218 København K

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