Christian IV built this impressive Renaissance building in 1604 to serve as his arsenal. Today, the impressive, high-ceilinged rooms house cannons, weapons, suits of armour, uniforms and swords from the sixteenth century to the present day. Take a closer look of whatever piques your interest – from Samurai swords to a German V-1 bomb from World War II and an AK47 formerly owned by a Somali pirate.

The history of Danish society is closely entwined with the history of Denmark as a warring nation. Get insight into Danish wars of the last five hundred years – on land and at sea. From the Dano-Swedish wars and the crushing defeat of 1864 to World War II and war in Iraq.

A display on ‘The Distant War’ lets you step into three Danish military camps from the Afghanistan war. Uniforms, weapons and equipment have been collected from ISAF Team 10, which landed in Afghanistan in the autumn of 2010. The objects are very obviously well-used; they are scratched and filled with personal graffiti. Listen as helicopters soar above, touch various materials from the camps and step on board a PMV hit by a roadside bomb.

Six to ten times a year, the War Museum hosts after-hours lectures where visitors can learn more about various aspects of war history while enjoying a cold beer.

Tøjhusgade 3
1220 København

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